Hear a buzzing? That’s us….the busy bees!

September and October have been busy with donations and deliveries to shelters and housing. Of course we partnered with several volunteers and organizations and brought help to others. Here are some pics but there are dozens of members involved in making this happen! :) Thanks everyone!


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I have decided to make a very drastic and major change in the coming year, 2017.
Hike It Up will no longer accept financial donations from our members and we will no longer be a 501c3, non profit.
I am very grateful to our community to have been able to do so much good throughout the last several years.
I have always had passion for helping the environment, homeless individuals, and children and will continue to help whoever and whenever I can.
I will gladly accept donations of certain much needed items and I will continue leading hikes and planing events…..but on my own, with my friends, and other like minded individuals.
I am also very good at referring places to people so feel free to contact me.
There will no longer be announcements of events in 2017.
#hikeitup #hikeitupadoptionprogram #hikeitupforeducation #hikingandhelping


ANOTHER SUCCESSFUL Back to School Drive, bringing the community together to help collect much needed school supplies for those less fortunate. We have distributed hundreds of backpacks to children at Children’s Bureau of LA and over a dozen backpacks were donated to Children of The Night, a shelter for homeless teen girls,  needing housing and much needed services.


We are also thankful for Menchie’s of Sherman Oaks for allowing us to host a backpack stuffing party at their venue! Also appreciate all the discounts and fun art supplies! 13895440_1087050244720483_5380222247723925834_n13901518_1079682588790582_1814338370835174765_n14054984_1090987270993447_1138846479740601212_n

What a memorable and over-achieving month!

Where to even start?!

Cooked at a shelter and provided art–canvas painting and drawing thanks to Art and Play.

Clean Hazeltine Park with volunteers, including children who helped clean up trash.

Partnered with Food Forward once again, wait…not once…..a GAZILLION TIMES! They harvest the fruit, we pick up and deliver to people living on the streets, tent cities, local homeless shelters and centers! We are so thankful for Food Forward and our on going partnership!

We hosted a couple of hikes, collecting school supplies for our Back To School Drive with a special hashtag just for us! #HikeItUpforEducation Thanks to everyone getting involved and sponsoring backpacks and school supplies. We have already stuffed over 200 backpacks and will distribute over 3oo next month! 


We will continue our drive into August so we can help more children, but for now, we are excited to partner with Children’s Bureau of Los Angeles and distribute 300 bags! 

The more we collect the better! $10 sponsors a child a backpack with supplies. We would like to help another 300 children so please spread the word and ask others to sponsor! We will host another stuffing event if we reach that goal!

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Our drive is back on….with all our events dedicated to somehow helping those less fortunate.

This month we are collecting school supplies including backpacks, folders, pens, pencils, etc. Please check out our events page for drop off locations and other community events.

Or….please sponsor a child a backpack by making a tax deductible donation of $10

You can sponsor as many children as you want and our goal this year is to help 600 kids getting services at North Valley Caring Services and at Children’s bureau of Downtown LA.




July is off to a great start!


A box is available at Menchie’s of Sherman Oaks to collect school supplies for children in unfortunate circumstances. We will distribute hundreds of backpacks end of August and beginning of September to welcome the new school year! IMG_3906

Please consider donating $10 to sponsor a child a backpack with supplies! Donate here! and invite friends!

June Madness!

Where to even start with June!

Here are some highlights:

  • Hiked locally and collected abundance of hygiene items for a women’s homeless center, Downtown Women’s Center.
  • Partnered with Laurence School and collected hundreds of stuffed animals. We then passed out the stuffed animals to children receiving services with Children’s Bureau of LA.
  • Partnered with Food Forward on several occasion to pick up and drop off fruits to individuals in shelters and living on the street.
  • Hosted a community picnic and had our kick off to COLLECTING BACK TO SCHOOL SUPPLIES! A great success and outing with our adopted Beard House of Valley Village, housing and services for adults with disabilities.


So much more happened this month and we are thankful for all our members and volunteers! Team work!

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What a month May Was!


We hosted so many events and drives that we don’t know where to start!

From partnering with a private school, Laurence in hosting a stuffed animal drive, collecting over 1,000 for children living below poverty,  hiking to The Observatory, to partnering with Food Forward and passing out fruit to many homeless individuals living on the streets, and taking out the ladies of our adopted house, Beard house, of Valley Village, housing adults with disabilities! It has been a great adventure, community outreach, friendship building, and feel good in your heart kinda month—now June is a whole other story!


Here are some pics to give you an idea of some stuff!

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April Hikes!

On April 23rd, we led a hike from Tree People through Fryman Park. Fresh air with great views of the valley, good company, and collected items for a local shelter! #hikingandhelping

On April 24, We had a beautiful morning hike with ladies housed at Valley Village, helping adults with disabilities. This is part of “adopt a home program” and our day included a stroll in the park, art, and a picnic! we are already planning our next months outing.